As an advocate for immigrant families, Carlos has a unique understanding of the wants and needs of immigrants in the United States of America. Primarily, most immigrants are here to work because their homelands provide little or no work opportunity.

Instead of vilifying immigrants, Carlos believes our country would be better served by embracing the hard working people that for the most part, are doing jobs American Citizens simply don’t want to do.


When elected, Carlos will introduce laws that would create a path to legal status for

laborers so we can get rid of the black market for labor that exploits people and devalues wages.


Carlos understands that not all immigrants want to be U.S. Citizens. Some immigrants just want to work with dignity.  For those who do hope to one day become an American citizen, Carlos believes we must provide them with a fair system that allows them to

contribute to our society as their ancestors did in this great nation.


Besides being the right thing to do, Carlos also believes that a comprehensive path to citizenship is the best way of securing our borders and protecting our national security.


Did you know that not all our veterans are U.S. Citizens? Some are immigrants!


Our current President’s administration has been deporting non-U.S. Citizen veterans. Carlos believes this is wrong. If someone is willing to risk their life for our country and our American values, they deserve to be treated the same as any veteran is treated. 


If they want to be American citizens, Carlos believes they have earned it.

Carlos Quintanilla


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