Carlos is, and will always be an advocate of maintaining our constitutional rights. He also believes that there is never a need for a civilian to own a military-grade weapon.

There has been too much loss of life in our country at the hands of people who wish to do their neighbors harm. If we do not begin to protect the children, retail shoppers and entertainment goers of our nation we will not only continue to lose friends and family at alarming rates, but it will cause serious damage to our nation’s future.


To protect ourselves from more mass

murders, Carlos believes we need universal background checks and mental health screenings for gun owners.


Carlos believes that stopping people who wish to do our nation harm is important. We must invest in our intelligence agencies so that we can be safe from terrorists.


We  must remember the values our nation was founded on, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.


Carlos believes that it is important that our country keeps our position as a world leader.  


He also believes that our national budget should be better balanced so that we do not forget how important our needs are right here at home.

Carlos Quintanilla


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