Children are the future. As an advocate for families and a father of 5, Carlos understands that the foundation of a family’s happiness is healthy children. When elected Carlos will fight for access to quality healthcare for all children.


Our parents, grandparents and older neighbors deserve all our love and support. Carlos believes that our government must support our aging citizens. When elected,

he will fight for the health and safety of our seniors to be a priority in federal funding to include higher quality healthcare, housing, and recreational activities.


Working class people are under attack from the greed of pharmaceutical companies. No one deserves to suffer or die because they cannot afford their prescriptions.

When elected, Carlos is prepared to fight for increasing access to affordable medical care

including prescriptions


Our Veterans suffer through long travel times, long wait times, and long periods in between visits at VA hospitals.


Carlos believes that our Veterans would be better served with a national healthcare plan that lets them see any doctor they want. This provides the VA system an opportunity to better serve veterans as specialists rather than primary care



As a man of religious conviction, Carlos believes in the sanctity of life. He also believes that the government does not have the right to tell us what we can and cannot do with our bodies. Carlos believes that the choices a woman and her doctor make are private.


As a first-time father at 16, Carlos realized the need for increasing access to sex education, birth control, and health screenings for all people of reproductive age.


Healthcare is a human right. Being sick is expensive both to the individual and to the community-at-large. Carlos supports a single payer healthcare system that protects US citizens from the costs of life threatening conditions like cancer and job loss

related to illness

Carlos Quintanilla


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