Residents in the 33rd congressional district of Texas are hard working people who deserve support from their government to achieve their constitutional right to pursue happiness. Workplace fulfillment is an essential part of our happiness.


Carlos is dedicated to funding job training and continuing education for the district so that every person who wants to improve their life is able to and anyone struggling to find a job is able to. This will not only increases economic development in our communities, it will also reduce crime.


The backbone of our economy is small businesses. As a small business owner, Carlos understands the need for government to support small businesses.

When elected, Carlos will fight for federal funds and tax credits to be spent in the district to help more residents reach the American dream of being business owners and providing quality jobs.

within our community


Our brave veterans deserve better care and support in being ready to return to civilian life. This is why Carlos will fight to increase education opportunities for our veterans and increase funding for veterans to start small businesses in their communities.


Big business and jobs are coming to North Texas, but the 33rd congressional district has been overlooked. Carlos is dedicated to working with major companies and local city halls to make sure that the district is included in the growth happening throughout the area.


This growth will bring with it higher paying jobs and an increase to the local tax base which can then be used to support schools.

Carlos Quintanilla


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