As the father of 5, Carlos understands that family is everything. He also knows that the first few months of a child’s life are critical to their long term development, which is why he believes we must have paid family leave for new parents. If we do not nurture the children of our nation, our nation has no future.


Carlos is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community.  He believes that love is love and that

the only person who has a right to place (or not place) gender identification on a person is the individual.  Violence against any persons because of their self identity is terrorism.


Carlos believes in equal pay for equal work. As a man who was raised by strong women, has loved strong women and is the father to a strong woman, he knows that women are a critical part of making the American Dream work. He also knows that feminine hygiene products are not luxuries, they are necessary for women to be able to fully participate in

education, their jobs and family life. When elected Carlos will advocate for the removal of taxing these essential healthcare products.


When elected Carlos will fight for resources that will assist in bridging the gap people of color, especially children who face major roadblocks on their journey to success.

Carlos Quintanilla


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